Holy Throwback

Nothing to do today with no school, so I dug up some treasures from the past. Please excuse the awkwardness. 


My love for Barney was uncanny. 





Four generations of classy ladies, me, my mom, my grandmother, GaGa, and my great grandmother, Mammy. Hello to my other grandmother, GiGi, if you see this! I love you so much. 



So I’ve pretty much been strutin’ Lilly Pulitzer since I was little. Wish I had the money to wear it all the time now! My all time favorite brand, here is my favorite dress from their Spring 2014 collection. I’m now accepting donations. Image



Promise me you will think about it, I just need $200, 



Things I’m blessed for on 1/30/14

1. Double Stuffed Oreos

2. Sonic Sweet Tea: Sonic does not disappoint on my favorite drink

3. My Crossfit box: So glad I have a place to work off the double stuffed oreos and sweet tea when the ice clears. 

4. Photo Albums: I hope these aren’t extinct within the next 10 years. 


Southern Snow Day Chronicle #2

Well, the snow stopped but it didn’t go anywhere. My productivity was similar to yesterday with Pinterest and watching Gossip Girl on Netflix! It was so cute how when Andy went in the snow and snow stuck to his paws. Also, my mom gave me her old monogram ring. I love the detail on this gem! Loving my Nook cover monogram too. ImageImageImageImageImage


No school tomorrow means that the options to my unproductiveness knows no limits. Maybe I’ll get around to working on those scholarship applications…. Stay safe everybody!! 


Gossip Girl

Haha I wish! -Addison 

Things I’m blessed for on 1/29/14: 

1. Snow: Having a three-day snowcation is amazing. 

2. Brownies: Today was a rough day for undisclosed reasons, but brownies heals all wounds. 

3. Lame but entertaining daytime TV shows: TLC, I take my hat off to you. 

Southern Snow Day Chronicle #1

Nothing makes Southerns happier than a snow day! My productivity of the day includes: eating Ramen noodles, jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon (http://www.pinterest.com/addisonwelch/), creating this blog, and playing in the snow. Super nice to relax and not be stressed out, because you literally can’t go anywhere! Enjoy the snow, stay safe, stay warm, and drink lots of hot chocolate!

Be blessed,


Things I’m blessed for on 1/28/14:

1. The start of this blog: I really want to document my last semester of high school and beyond. Cheers to the Class of 2014!

2. Snow: Need I say more?

3. Pinterest: Where have I been all of my life? Go follow me or whatever it’s called. Oh,  the official Lilly Pulitzer account liked one of my pins, so I felt like a celebrity.

4. Dogs with snow beards: How cute is my precious dog, Andy?!?

Snow Monogram Snow Beardz Addy & Andy 1/28/14